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General Information:

New event information will be posted when it becomes available! Stay tuned.

ROBOT RIOTS 6 ARENA - The Robot Riots arena is alive and well. It now features a lowering pit which will be used for select matches.

Robot Riots Event Guideline:

Events usually start at around 10:00am and we hope to finish by 6:00pm on a Staurday and Sunday. The entrance fees are as follows:

  • Ants (1 lb.) - $25 entry fee ($10 for members)
  • Beetles (3 lb) - $35 entry fee ($20 for members)




Robot Riots is a member of the Robot Fighting League (RFL). The RFL is basically there to standardize rules between events all over North America. This means that if your bot meets our rules, it also meets the rules for almost every other major event across North America. There are certain parts of the rule-set that are left up to the event organizer and we will release these changes before each event.

Info on RFL Rules on Wikipedia

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